Fast sale home Q&A

We thought to teach you one or more tips and tricks on how you can sell your property fast without losing too much money along the way.

Q: I want to sell my house fast how to do so?

A: Trust us and put all your energy in finding the best possible real estate agencies which can help you with everything, from putting up the ads to showing your home around to as many people as possible. They will do a competent price for you and will handle it all. Of course they do it for a commission but it's not worth the energy for you trying to get in real estate business on your own.

Q: if I want a fast home sale does that mean I must go for a much lower price?

A: Not necessarily. This is just a myth that you need to show how desperate you are. It's always the wrong people who pick on this, those who want to rob you out of your home and pay close to nothing for it. Go somewhat lower but never show your desperation.

Q: Where is the best place to advertise my property?

A: If I were you I'd let my real estate agency to deal with all that. But if you want to take part of the process, stick with your social media and free ad sites. It's well enough the effort and social sites have the best possible traffic as well.

Q: What do I need to do to raise the value of my property?

A: Make it look better with the help of a serious decluttering, cleaning and doing some simple renovations in order to make everything look shiny and new. This is a huge extra for everyone who is to view your property. Also, never empty your property out fully before selling it. Rooms look way better with some furniture. They look visually smaller when they are empty. Give the rooms a coat of white paint, make sure everything is as neat as possible. Leave the rest to your agent. If he / She decides to rent out furniture to make it look better, let them do so. They know how to successfully sell a property and all the tricks to make it more expensive too.

Q. should I move out before selling my property?

A: It's highly advised for you to look for a new property or rental the moment you decide to sell your old home. It' s also wise to start with the moving preparations right on time and to put as many furniture in a storage or to your new place as possible. Moving out before selling is a wise move because it's very practical ( you need not more than one day to pack out your remaining stuff plust you also get distanced emotionally). If you are unable to do this, try to rent out a storage place for most of your personal things.