How to cut down on moving costs

Let's face the facts: moving costs a lot of money. This is not something you may necessarily count with while selling your home, but sooner or later you will face these costs, unless you do the below precautions to minimize these.

You always have way more things than you think you have. But when it comes to moving for real, especially moving due to home repossession issues, you will be shocked to realize how full you are with things, and 50% of those things include stuff you actually forgot exists in all. So, how to handle this situation and minimize the moving hassle? Here's a few tips to you.

1. Start preparing as soon as you are aware that you are to move

This means no matter it's one year, one month or one week before a moving, start getting prepared as soon as you are aware of it. This way, you may avoid most of the hassle.

2. How to get started?

First of all , don't panic. You will surely realize you have way more things than you can handle. So, devise a strategy. Start with the decluttering from room to room. Go through your storage places, empty them and be ruthless. What you won't wear and won't use you don't need it.

3. Sort stuff out and declutter

If you are a woman, you are likely full of clothes. Clothes you won't ever wear, then those you pack away to wear it later and those which you would love to wear but there is nowhere to wear them. Make three categories or get three large trashbags: one for the things you need, the second for the things you can give away or sell and the third one for stuff you are to throw out.

4. Follow the 1 year rule

This rule says, if you won't wear a cloth or garment for over a year, it means you don't need it and you probably won't ever wear it.

5. Start getting boxes

There are places where you can get them for free. Check out the net for free box giveaways or simply go to a grocery store or your own company and ask around for boxes. You will end up with many.

6. Start with your books and stored stuff

It's because these are things you don't need to keep at hand. Make sure you number your boxes. Use smaller boxes for books, or you won't be able to carry them.

7. Give away everything you don't need

This way you save money for moving. Most moving companies charge per hour. So if they only have one turn less, it will cost way less money. Give away everything unused or unnecessary including clothes, utility tools, cooking things and even furniture. There are charities which can even help you carry these away.

8. Schedule moving for a weekday for an evening or late afternoon period

This is to avoid all the traffic jam and the weekend moving haze as most people prefer to move during the weekend.