All you need to know about Curb Appeal to sell your home effectively

Curb Appeal is a very specific expression which we tend to run into oftentimes when there is talk about making a home look nicer, appealing and inviting to the larger audience. In this article we would like to elaborate more on the meaning of Curb Appeal and how to improve it when talking about selling homes.

1. What is a curb appeal?

This basically means, that something is made to look beautiful in the eyes of many. Just like any photo of the Seychelles or a sunset by the beach which is loved by 99% of the people, your property will need to be made to bring on those qualities which are liked or preferred by the majority of people. Many of the curb appeals have been investigated by real estate agencies and by now they are all too aware of what factors do people love. If you are to sell your home for a price as good as possible, due to fear of home repossession or other legal matter working on these factors can be lifesaving for you.


2. The key factors

Let's enlist some of the key factors most people (potential buyers) expect or wish to see when they enter and go through a home:

  • A shiny, clean and overall modern kitchen – enlisted as the Nr.1 curb appeal in the US, having a good looking kitchen plays a large part in the overall decision-making of a potential buyer. Make sure to have your kitchen propped up as much as possible or dedicate some money to get it all changed and renovated because a lot depends on it.
  • Spacey rooms: leave just enough furniture in a room to give a basic idea on how it can look like. More furniture will make it look smaller and less furniture will make it meaningless.
  • Friendliness: large beautiful plants, some oriental or other motives which can add some personality (real or fake) to a home all play part in how it will be liked by the buyers. All in all, there should be a key theme, even when the whole home has been staged.
  • Warm lights: don't come with LEDS but change these to light, yellow lights which are bright enough but lack the disturbing effects of the pure white LED.
  • Cleanness: everything should look effortlessly clean. This takes tons of efforts but it can be achieved, mostly by a group of professional cleaners.
  • Fireplaces which work: people, especially women are very impulsive when it comes to buying a property and according to statistics, a working fireplace can play a huge role in their decision-making process. If you have a fireplace make sure it shows up in its full form when the home is shown to people or when there is an Open Day. Even when there is summer outside.
  • Warm colours: just like a fruit bowl or pleasant looking flowers can do so much for the interior to be warmer and more welcoming. That's why staging experts also utilize a couple of fruit bowls and plants with bright flowers to make a place livelier.
  • Avoid pets: have your pets elsewhere when the home is shown or when it's Open Day. They tend to have a disturbing effect and there are people who are allergic or fear from pets in all.